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Get ready for an unforgettable experience with your children.

The first pop up play space in Israel - This is a world of colorful tracks, bridges and mountains- all the things that a train needs so he can 'choo choo' with you. 

Its a chance for parents and children to bond, a creative time to focus and have fun.

The show about to start......

We are inviting you for an hour of fun, of concentration and happiness. 


The experience starts with each child choosing a train and carriage, Then the fun begins.
> Following the the trains through the obstacles and the curvy tracks through tunnels, bridges and even an airport be sure to get off at the right station, mind the gap.


We also offer track building as another great activity for the creative thinkers and engineer fathers ! 
Suitable for ages 2-7 


** Each child who joins the tracks is charged. It is recommended to make a pre-purchase, the number of places is limited!


*** Second hand motorized cars can be purchased at a reduced cost.

****Our business is based on social media and is photographed constantly for commercial purposes. If you would like not to be photographed please let us know in advance.


All aboard.

See you on soon.

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